Steve Royce-Rogers - Bespoke Medal Framer

Hi, I’m Steve. I joined the Royal Navy back in 1978 and after my basic and trade training I was a cook. Eventually leaving after 22 years as a killick chef. (Equivalent to the Corporal) During my time I served on both ships and 2 Polaris Submarines during the Cold War.

I was based at RNH Gibraltar for 4 years, where I learnt picture framing, then became a framing instructor! And started my own business on the MQ balcony!

I left the RN in 2000 and purchased a framing business in Warminster, Wiltshire (2ndhome to the Army!) After 9 years I then diversified to the framing of medals and then making medal display cases.

I’ve framed medals from the Battle of Java 1811 up to present day.

To make my cases stand out, I have the regimental colours of many past and present regiments. I bevel cut the suedette mount board or normal mount board if the colour is unavailable, and join them together.

I also cater for the RN (obviously!) and the RAF (both WW2 blue and your stable belt colours)

Access to your medals is from the back and you can either hang the case or stand it on a shelf.