Paul Wright - Original Wood Carvings


Hi, my name is Paul and I started making Military Carvings during the lockdown of 2020. I have been carving over 50 years. My dad, who served in the 10th Gloucester’s Regiment during the Burma War, taught me when I was a young boy.

Each badge is hand carved from a piece of lime wood approximately 12” x 10” in size. It has a hanger on the back so that it can be easily wall mounted. Once the carving is complete it is sealed with a shellac sealer to protect it from the elements and then waxed to give it a lustre finish. Name, Rank, and number can also be added to give the carving a more personal touch. Since the lockdown began, I have carved over 60 badges, all different regiment’s example of which are the Glider Pilot Regiment, The Royal Artillery, and the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers. My aim is to raise money through my carvings our World War Two and Post War Veterans.  With each commissioned piece I donate a second carving free of charge to our Veterans. I also donate carvings for auction and as raffle prizes to Veteran Charities to help raise much needed funds.

Being a veteran’s son, I wanted to give something back to those who gave so much for us. If I can bring a smile to just one of our hero’s, then I know what I am doing is worthwhile.