About Grumpy Old Veteran

It doesn’t matter if we served in the RAF, Navy or Army the one thing we all have in common is we are a Brotherhood bonded together by the Oath of Allegiance we all took. On our travels one thing became apparent, there are a lot of Veterans out there that use arts and crafts not only to transition successfully into civvy street but also in many cases as a form of therapy and sometimes their work and skills gets swallowed up by commercial sites.


So, what is Grumpy Old Veteran then, well it’s a twofold, firstly it’s a platform to showcase and sell what you produce and secondly in the future we want our contributors to teach and pass on their skills to other veterans who also may need a leg up.  A brotherhood doing what we do best helping to support other veterans less fortunate than ourselves under our unique Grumpy banner.


What makes us unique as a platform? Well, we are veterans ourselves so we understand veterans and we will be marketing directly to veterans always with veterans in mind! If your successful, then we are successful which is what we all want!